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Our mission is "Create New Products for New Markets by Innovation, Added-Value and Sustainability"

Specialising in Sustainable Packaging solutions in line with the Ellen McArthur Foundation’s Circular Economy.

Consultants using Blue Ocean Strategy to drive Innovation, Application, Quality and Cost for all projects.

Entrepreneurial Innovation and Added Value professionals with Global ( EMEAP ) experience in a variety of packaging types and markets , covering all aspects of business from identifying new markets and products, product development, marketing, value engineering, supply chain, business development, third party collaboration and environmental issues.


Currently working on a number of plastic film recycling initiatives to help business meet the forthcoming recycling targets for currently non recycled packaging. Concentrating on PE and PvoH combinations to replace current mixed plastics without having to incur high capital expenditure requirements which have an existing recycle stream and market.

New Markets

Created a new market by redeveloping a commodity product into a must have high end quality print product in the Iberian Peninsula that grew from zero to £10million plus within 4 years.

Working with "child proof" solutions, generating new added value markets for flexible packaging in various business sectors.

Linkz Intelligent Marketing, www.linkz-im.com
Agents for Linkz Intelligent Marketing & Anti Counterfeiting Solutions for Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay & Paraguay.

Added Value

Incorporated digital technology onto pack without increasing the pack cost that can be used as an anti-counterfeiting tool and/or a marketing tool, thus giving the pack new functionality with direct customer engagement.


Other innovative developments include, Dual Ovenable Self Venting Pouches; Child Proof Pouches as an alternative to HDPE containers; Reducing food waste with the use of anti-microbial coatings; Frangible seals for multi-compartment pouches; Revolutionary "on the go" meal packs.


We are available to provide initial frameworks for in-house projects all the way through to managing and implementing full projects of varying complexities.

Linkz Intelligent Marketing & Anti Counterfeiting Solutions

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Anti Counterfeiting

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